Monday, December 28, 2009

Recipe Request

I have never made a roast in a crock pot before. I would like to try it this weekend. (Let's hear it for 9AM church!) Would you please share with me your recipes, techniques, tips, anything you may have to help me with this new task? I appreciate it.


  1. Are you doing a pork roast or a beef roast?
    For a beef roast I put it in the crock pot with Dell's Marinade slathered all over it and put it on LOW for atleast 8 hours. That is it. I make mashed potatoes on the side with veggies, but I'm not a big fan of cooking the veggies with the roast.
    Another way if you want a creamy, shredded roast that you can put on top of rice or potatoes is put in a can of cream of mushroom soup and sprinkle dried onion soup mix on top. Let cook for 8 hours, atleast, on low and pull apart with two forks.

  2. Throw it in, do NOT add extra water, add any spices you want, cover and cook. It's really hard to mess it up! If you add vegetables, you want to put them in the bottom because they take longer to cook. I have had a perfectly cooked roast and veggies that were still crunchy!

  3. I cut up potatoes, carrots, and celery and put them in the bottom of the Crock pot. Cover the veggies with the roast and sprinkle dried onion soup mix on top. If the roast isn't very fatty, you do need a little water. That's it! I would love to hear how it turns out, whichever method you pick.

  4. I put a frozen roast in the night before, on low heat. I put the roast in first, 1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup, (smeared over the top), and one packet of Dry Onion soup mix. Your house will smell heavenly the next morning!