Thursday, December 3, 2009

breakfast cups

These are really easy! It's basically just like an omlette all mixed up and baked in muffin cups. For our family of four this is what I did:

5 Eggs Scrambled with a little milk, salt and pepper as desired.
chopped green pepper
chopped red pepper
chopped orange pepper (just because I had them on hand.)
chopped spinach
chooped canadian bacon or ham
a little bit of grated cheddar cheese
I also had a bit of grated Parmesan on hand so i topped each cup with a tiny bit.

mix it all up in a bowl and then spoon the mixture into muffin cups or sprayed muffin tin. -Bake until they're done... sorry, I didn't time it.-
Note: Eggs puff up when they cook, so leave some room in the cup for it to grow as it cooks. This made 8-10 breakfast cups. 2 for each person plus a few extra, in our house the "few extra" usually goes to Owen. I don't know why he's not chubby. He eats a lot!

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