Monday, November 30, 2009

Recipe Review

I love this blog and I love that people post on it! I have tried some recipes and thought I would review them.

1. Sesame Noodles from Heidi Cole ~ After realizing on Sunday that I was missing one key ingredient from my planned meal I swapped this recipe from later in the week and made it. My family loved it. It was ready in 6 minutes (the time it took to cook the noodles) and was yummy. Just one question - how do you store things like sesame oil and hot chile oil. They are a little on the costly side and I don't want them to go rancid.

2. Fuss-Free Fiesta Chicken from Angie Nowling ~ I love crockpot meals. I need to use it more often. This was delicious and even better were the leftovers. Again, it's simple and I had all the ingredients on hand. Paired with the yummy uncooked tortillas you can't go wrong.

3. Chicken Stovetop Casserole from Heidi Cole ~ I make a Chicken and Stuffing Casserole that is similar to this but wanted to try a new version because my husband frequently asks for chicken cordon bleu that I don't know how to make and because we had some swiss cheese that needed to be used up. It was again a winner in our house. The hardest part is waiting the 5 minutes for the stuffing to cook. Pop it in the oven and dinner is ready. The sauce makes everything stay so moist. My girls were claiming the leftovers for themselves. Super good!

Soon I'll get back to making my own meals and I'll get back to contributing instead of just stealing. Thanks again everyone!


  1. I also tried Heidi Cole's sesame noodles. Yummy!! My kids even loved it. I loved that it was so easy. The vinegar and oils were expensive, but I'm hoping I will use them enough so they won't go bad. If anyone wants to try this recipe before buying them, feel free to borrow some from me first.

  2. I just store them in my spice cupboard or pantry. I've never thought about it. Do I need them in the refrigerator?

  3. I forgot to mention I also did that Fuss-Free chicken and it was so tasty. We put it on the raw (but cooked) tortillas like Angie did- yummm! Even the kids ate it up.