Friday, October 23, 2009

Macaroni and Tomatoes

This is my #1 easiest recipe.  This is the only reason why I grow tomatoes in my garden.  If I didn't make this, I would have no reason for canning tomatoes!  And please excuse pictures.  They are from my phone!

Ingredients:  Macaroni guessed it...tomatoes.  I use two bottles of tomatoes to feed my family.  And we are using shells this time because that is what I could get to in my storage room!  I guess you could use any kind of pasta.

2009-10-22 17.12.49

Get your water boiling, then add your macaroni.  Let it boil for 5 minutes, then cover, turn it off and walk away.  Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and you will have perfectly cooked pasta (works with all pastas).

2009-10-22 17.25.05

When your time is up, drain the macaroni.  Blend up your tomatoes, then put them in the pan and warm them up.  I use my hand chopper thingy (I don't know what it is called!) but I have also just dumped them in the blender and blended them up.  My sisters make this with store bought tomato juice, but I like the texture of the tomatoes.

2009-10-22 17.47.07  

Now dump your macaroni back in and warm it all up.

2009-10-22 17.49.17

Add a spoon of butter and lots of salt.  The butter will melt and it is creamy and delicious!  I grew up on this and it is my favorite!

2009-10-22 17.50.20

Now, when Tom and I were first married, I made this for him and he was less than impressed.  He kept trying to get me to add hamburger or herbs or other things.  But I told him, "Then it wouldn't be macaroni and tomatoes!"  So if you add other stuff to it, just don't tell me!  LOL



  1. This is very similar to our Mamaw Cole's spaghetti which is the only spaghetti that my family loves. The sauce is just diced tomatoes and tomato sauce over spaghetti noodles with cheese and salt. I love the basic easy tomato/ noodle dishes.

  2. Oops I forgot, I shouldn't have told you I add cheese. Ignore it. :)

  3. Camille - would you consider this a soup or do you classify it more as a pasta and sauce dish? I'm just wondering about the thickness of it when it's done.